We woke-up on Sunday morning having apettite for brunch  and margeritas!After a quick visit to our favorite fashion shop «Dolls»  to see the trending outfits! From 60’s look with,with an aztec lace styled evening outfit. So difficult to choose! We decided to go to one of our favorite spots ,» The loco bus».
See what happened next:
Nina: Top with stars,Red midi skater skirt -Imperial/ Dolls Boutique
Ooopss..wrong it’s a boys room! Nina: Top,Red skater skirt -Imperial/ Dolls Boutique

Hey..we don't need boys here../Dimitra:Black midi lace dress Nina: Red skater skirt top with stars / dolls boutique
Hey..we don’t need boys here../Dimitra:Black midi lace dress, Nina: Red skater skirt & top/ Imperial, Dolls boutique


It's my Loco Bus! Dimitra:Shirt adloft leggibngs peace&chaos/Dolls Boutique
«Leave me alone..and bring me my cocktail! Dimitra: Shirt Ad loft, Leggings Peace &Chaos/Dolls boutique
Nina & Dimitra wearing 60's twiggy check /Dolls Boutique
«Hmm.. I think we should drink this cucumber cocktail?» Nina & Dimitra wearing 60’s twiggy check /Ad loft Dolls Boutique
Dimitra: Black lace midi dress -Imperial/Dolls Boutique, Shoes and Accessories from personal collection
«We’re mad about fashion!»Dimitra: Black lace dress, Nina: Top& Skirt/Imperial Dolls Boutique
Nina:Top adloft,cropped pants : numph, Dimitra :Dress adloft/ Dolls Boutique,shoes and accessories from personal collection
«We are crazy… and we’re here to stay» Nina:Top add loft,Cropped pants : Numph, Dimitra: Dress Adl oft/ Dolls boutique
..Lets put some lipstick on/ Dimitra is wearing Imperial lace Dress/Dolls Boutique
..Let’s put some lipstick on! Dimitra : Dress Imperial/ Dolls Boutique
Nina: .. Where is my strawberry margarita?Red coat Imperial/Dolls Boutique,boots from personal collection
Dimitra and Nina feeling muy Locas en loco bus..with those perfect outfits from Dolls Boutique
Dimitra and Nina feeling «Muy Locas»  en loco bus..with those perfect outfits from Dolls Boutique!

Many thanks: To Dolls Boutique (6 Mitropolitou Iosif,Thessaloniki  54622,2314 020939),Maria and Tereza Paraskevaidou, our lovely friend Salvator for the quest, Katerina our photographer and Bella for hair and makeup. We had a great time.